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Web-Based Content Management Systems

The most common applications that we create are web-based content management systems, based on our Net Shift CMS. These custom solutions allow our clients to update nearly every aspect of their web site with ease. Most users don't need to make site-wide changes to their web site, while they often have news releases, photo galleries, and/or event listings that need to be updated frequently. We build systems that make the update to the web site a breeze. Not only do our systems allow you to maintain your site on your own time, but it saves you money on maintenance fees.

Take Full Control of Your Web Site

With our custom content management system you can be given complete access to your entire web site; managing site templates, links, pages, navigation, images, multimedia, online forms - everything you need to take full control of your web presence. Net Shift CMS has been built to fit the unique needs of our individual clients - some may require the ability to edit their site templates, others may require multiple users, a blog module, photo galleries, or event calendars. Rather than installing all of our available modules, which can be scary for some users, we only install what you need, to make the system a breeze to use for all of our users.

Scalable Content Management Systems

Our content management solutions are scalable, meaning that we can easily create custom components specific to your needs and integrate it seamlessly into our existing system. Your business is unique, and your web site has unique needs that we can easily integrate into our current system. Some of the custom solutions we have integrated are multiple real estate systems, mailing lists, company portfolios, and more.

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