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Custom Blog Software

Frustrated with all the additional options and confusing interface of Wordpress?

Although we are comfortable working with Wordpress and other common blogging platforms, there can be times when you need custom integrations with your blogging platform that are more easily accommodated through a custom blogging solution.

Many of our clients sites already have substantial content management systems in place and would like to avoid having multiple login areas to manage their website (one for their blog, and one for the rest of their web content). In this case we can build a custom blogging solution to integrate into your existing content management system and make the management of your blog as seamless as the rest of your web site.

If you've used Wordpress or other open source blogging platforms and are frustrated with their overwhelming options and confusing interface that provides much, much more functionality than you'll ever use, then maybe you'd prefer to have a simple blogging solution where you can write blog posts and manage comments in a simple, easy-to-use interface.

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