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E-commerce Web Site Design

The user experience is of upmost important to e-commerce web sites. If users aren't able to easily search, browse, and view your products, then add them to a shopping cart and easily make their purchase your e-commerce web site will be a failure.

Product and Category Page Design

Special consideration needs to be taken when designing product pages, category pages, shopping carts, and check out processes. Your site visitors want as much information as they can get on your products before they make their purchase and you need to provide that in a clear, easy to navigate format that makes it easy for your visitors to view. We have consulted with a number of clients who have e-commerce-enabled web sites that don't have clear "add to cart" or "checkout" buttons making it difficult for visitors to make a purchase. In many cases, too much information is posted to the product pages without a clearly structured, organization of the page.

Net Shift Media has worked with a number of e-commerce web sites to optimize product pages for search engines, and category pages to make the browsing and selection of products as simple as possible.

Product Search

The product search of e-commerce web sites is often overlooked and leads to a significant point of failure on e-commerce sites we consult on. Should a user search for a product on your web site and not find the product they're looking for, or not find any product then they will simply leave and never come back. Too many "off the shelf" or "templates" e-commerce systems don't put enough thought into their product search and provide only a basic search feature that doesn't help visitors find products they're looking for.

Shopping Cart and Checkout Design

The usability of the shopping cart pages is crucial to your e-commerce web site's success. After your visitors find the products they are looking for, it is crucial that they can easily add your products to their shopping cart and also easily go through the checkout process and make their purchase. Form and interface design to make the checkout process including billing and shipping information, shipping methods, taxes, promo codes and discounts are sometimes not clear enough to visitors and any usability challenges that make it difficult for your potential customers to give you their payment info will only lead to lost sales and revenue for your company.

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