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Keyword Research

The most important step in any marketing efforts, online or offline, is to define who your target audience is. This may include certain age demographics, locations, income level and other attributes to help you determine how to target your audience. Search engine marketing makes this easy. You don't need to try find these users, they'll come to you and they even tell you what they're looking for. If someone types into a search engine "appliance repair, Seattle Washington" you can be assured they are looking for someone in Seattle who can fix appliances. If you fit that description then you want to rank for that term. Period.

What Do People Search For Online?

The first, and most important, step in your online marketing is to determine what keywords you want to target. Our expertise is researching keywords that you should be targeting with your web site, by using a number of paid and free tools that provide relative-estimates on keywords. After mining for hundreds of keywords, we'll provide a list of recommended keywords that we should target on your web site when we optimize your content. As the list is often lengthy, we can provide ongoing optimization or additional pages on your site monthly.

Long-Tail Keywords

We are often asked if we should target general industry terms like "cars" or "cell phones"but the problem with these types of general keywords is that people searching for them are not as targeted as "1967 Ford Mustang photos" or "Apple iPhone Retailer New York". Although the first two terms will be searched hundreds of times online, the quality of those searchers will not be as high as the more specific terms. In addition, the more specific terms will have less competition when you think of all the web sites that are relevant for the term "cars" vs the number of web sites that are relevant for "1967 Ford Mustang photos". These are referred to as Long-Tail keywords and targeting a number of smaller, more specific search terms can provide a much greater ROI than trying to target the most searched, yet less-specific terms.

Apply to SEO and PPC

Once our keyword research is complete we can then begin using that data when we optimize your web site content and setup ads, keyword groups, and landing pages for pay-per-click marketing campaigns.

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