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Mobile Web Site Design

Mobile Web Site Design

Have you ever looked at your web site on your phone?

Todays mobile phones are now fully-capable Internet devices, and most people are using their mobile phones to access web sites nearly as much as their own computer. With this paradigm shift coming it is imperative that your web site is also optimized accordingly for mobile devices.

Just because your web site can run as it is on a mobile phone, providing a mobile interface that is optimized and built specifically for Android-based phones, iPhones, or Blackberries will provide a much cleaner and easier to navigate user experience for your visitors and improve both the usability and accessibility of your web site.

Managing Two Web Sites

A common misconception is that you'll have to manage the content on your web site and mobile site separately, and although this is the case with many solutions provided by web developers, we have built our custom content management system to manage the content on both your main web site and mobile site without the need to create duplicate content or manage duplicate pages. Contact us for a demonstration.

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