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Search Engine Optimization

Frustrated with your lack of leads from your website?

Do you get annoyed when searches on google return your competitors web sites?

Totally confused when you don't even rank for your business name in google?

A search engine has one job, to provide relevant search results based on the keywords you provide to them. For example, if you do a search for 'new york clothing stores' then the search engine provides a listing of the most relevant web pages according to their algorithm. If your web site doesn't show up in the first position, it means that the search engine considers other web sites more relevant for your search. Google, has indicated that it uses over 200 ranking factors in their algorithm, or ranking formula, including page content, meta tags, external links, and much more. Because search engines give more weight to certain factors of your web site than others, it is important that your web site is built to be search-engine friendly.

In order for your web site to rank well with search engines, you need to build your web site so search-engines can properly read and understand what your web site is about, this process is called "Search Engine Optimization." At the very least, your web site should already be ranking at the top of the page for your business name, if not, your web site needs to be optimized.

We utilize a number of on-site and off-site strategies and tactics to optimize your web site for specific keywords as indicated in our keyword research reports. This includes optimizing content, meta & title tags, internal link structure, among other strategies to ensure your web site is search engine-friendly, and your site achieves the rankings we desire.

Technical Aspects of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization isn't, however, as simple as just throwing your keywords all over your web site. Search engine optimization has a technical side as well – if not built properly, your web site could be blocking search engines from accessing all the content on your web site. If search engines don't even know about the content on your site, there is no reason for them to show your site in search engine results pages.

Link Building

Building links is arguably the most important factor affecting search rankings. A site that links to your site is like a "vote of relevance" for your site, therefore when ranking web sites in the search engine results pages, search engines will take a look at which site has the most "quality" and "relevant" links when ranking web sites.

Net Shift Media can devise a custom link building plan for your web site by searching for industry-specific directories, and link partners to not only drive traffic to your site, but also develop your web site's "link profile" to cause search engines to consider your web site as an authority in your online marketplace.

Directory Submissions

With a brand new web site, it's sometimes hard to get a lot of relevant links to your web site. One strategy that works well is to seek out and submit your web site to online web directories. Some paid, some free, and some definitely worth more than others – being listed in some web directories will not provide any benefit at all while others can be a great asset.

Our expertise lies not only in seeking out and finding relevant web directories that provide substantial benefits in being listed but also in submitting your site to the correct category, and ensuring that the listing follows our overall online business strategy to provide the best return.

Kickstarting your link building and Internet marketing campaign with directory submissions is one of the most basic and necessary strategies in order to give your web site some sort of credibility online.

General, Local, Regional, & Niche Web Directories

There are a number of highly-authoritative web directories on the Internet, that are very trusted by Google. Two of those being the Yahoo directory and the Open Directory. We maintain a list of relevant general directories that nearly any web site is applicable to. Our service is in the submission and monitoring of these links to ensure that you are properly listed on the web site, but more important in the best category for your benefit, and ensuring that the submission details follow our online marketing strategy.

We will also seek out regional directories related to your web site and submit your site to help the search engines find your site.

Submitting your web site to a number of authority sites that are trusted by search engines will give your web site a strong link foundation to start driving traffic to your web site. This includes the Yahoo! and Open Directories, as well as a large number of other trusted directories to build your web sites link profile.

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