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Social Media Marketing

Totally confused with how to leverage social media to drive traffic to your web site?

Looking for a reason to embrace social media like Twitter and Facebook?

Have you been burned with another "social media expert"?

The Internet is becoming more of an online community than ever before, and your ability to reach millions of people all over the world is increasing exponentially. There are online communities for anything you can think of: just try searching on Google for "knitting blog" and you'll find over 6 million results related to knitting, try it for yourself.

Our job is to do some research and find these communities that are related to your industry and then help you reach out to these web sites and drive targeted traffic to your web site. This can consist of banner ads, but mostly includes you getting involved in these communities to build up your own brand in your industry's online community.

Blog Promotion

Starting a blog is recommended to all of our clients, if they have the resources to maintain one. Once you have a blog in place on your web site we will work with you to promote your blog to other bloggers, build your blog subscriber list, setup RSS feeds, Technorati accounts, and a number of other blog promotion tools at our disposal.


Twitter allows you to send short and simple 140-character messages to people whenever you choose. People decide to "follow" you on Twitter and allow you to send them messages through Twitter via their cell phone, e-mail, or twitter client. If you are familiar with Twitter and don't quite understand how to use it to expand and promote your business, or have no idea what Twitter is at all, we're here to help.


Facebook now has over 1 billion users!, and being able to reach those users is can help you promote your brand, build your mailing list, and communicate with potential customers from all over the world. Setting up Facebook pages, groups, and then marketing and managing those groups is something we can also help you with.

Any social media strategy you put in place should always have the end-goal of driving traffic to your web site. Facebook pages, Twitter followers, and blogs should all be meant to direct new traffic to your web site, where they can find more information about your company.

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