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Strategic Web Site Audit

Looking for some strategic direction on your web strategy? We sit down with you and plan out your goals and objectives for your web site and then create a game plan to achieve those goals.

Web Site Analysis

Having a properly built web site is crucial to the success of your web site. If your web site is not built to be search-engine friendly, then the site won't rank well, thus driving quality traffic to your site. Having a search-engine friendly web site does not mean you have to sacrifice interface design, accessibility, or content. In fact, it helps all of the above. We can perform an exhaustive analysis of your current web site including many technical server and coding issues, domain issues, and your existing presence with search engines. This information helps us tailor our online marketing plan to your business.

Keep in mind that search engines do not view your web site in the same manner that typical users do, and although you can see images and understand what they mean, search engines cannot. There are a host of other technical issues that your visitors will be able to experience without issue, yet search engines may be blocked from reading and understanding that content, which severely limits your ability to rank for relevant keywords in search engines.

Competitive Analysis

By reviewing your competitors online marketing efforts, we can tailor our campaigns to compete effectively against them. This doesn't always mean your local competition however, as you are competing with the other web sites that rank well for your targeted search terms, which will not necessarily be your strongest offline competitor. Net Shift Media provides in-depth analysis of the efforts of your competition including their current rankings, links, and targeted keywords. This information is also considered when creating a unique marketing plan for your web site.

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