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Web Site Hosting

Frustrated because your web site goes down too often?

Worried about the security of your web site?

Net Shift Media provides secure, reliable hosting services for our clients. Many of the web-based systems we build are mission-critical, such as commerce platforms, inventory, scheduling, and intranet applications. Shouuld our hosting infrastructure go down, our business will go down with it, and with that being said we have invested in our hosting platform to ensure it is the most secure and reliable it can be.

Web Hosting Partner

We have selected Rackspace Managed Hosting as our web hosting partner. After years of providing web hosting services to clients, we made the switch to partner with Rackspace in 2005 and have since improved the stability, security, and reliability of our service. Rackspace was the first provider to provide a 100% network uptime guarantee, and is the world leader in Cloud hosting and computing. We reviewed a number of industry leaders and other web hosting companies before making the decision to work with Rackspace.